Grow Paradise is literally about growing paradise on Planet Earth. The idea is to establish "food forests" throughout local communities and then the entire planet via permaculture techniques, spreading ideas about planting a living grocery store in our yards and changing our paradigm of living.

Anthony Anderson started Grow Paradise in 2011 after planting his first food forest in 2008. He created an Eden-like garden near his parent's home in Minnesota to ensure that a long-term food supply would be available to them during their retirement years. He realized that growing our own food and planting food forests around the globe would completely solve many of the troubling issues currently facing humanity and the planet. The answer seemed incredibly simple.

"When we realize that we can easily GROW PARADISE right where we live, our power returns to us. Our children deserve a paradise planet - we simply have to create it." -Anthony Anderson

There is a certain magic imbedded in these two words: Grow Paradise. Spread this notion throughout your community. Growing Paradise requires nothing but the spirit of love and a passion for true freedom. We invite you to become a part of this movement, whether directly by volunteering or purchasing products from organic growers, or by spreading the idea and growing paradise in your own backyard and local community.  This way of life is the is the most incredibly fun thing we can do. We can liberate ourselves, reclaim our physical and mental health, and live in the paradise garden once again. Literal paradise creation.  Paradise creation...what an idea. This is such a powerful, yet pure concept. What good can motivated people create together? What habitat can be designed?