Growing Paradise in Miami...Permaculture High School

Permaculture on a Thursday afternoon.

The video from this day can be seen here -

A big thanks to Jordan of Whole Foods South Beach
for making this after school activity a reality. 

We planted cacao, avocados, mangoes, papayas, and even a miracle fruit.

I can't wait to go back and see how these trees are doing.

Thanks to Pine Island Nursery for the deep discount with the trees!

A fun afternoon like this can result in food forests all over the planet.

Edible landscaping will heal the planet and feed us all. 

Thank you Miami Beach High Ecology Class!


Paradise Creation Mode - Big Island Style

Come join me on the adventure!

email me at for details.

Gardening in the Shade...

If there is one concept that can free up our resources
and our energy used to maintain landscapes,
its the idea of shade tolerant crops.

Growing plants like coffee, cacao, currants, gooseberries...
not to mention mushrooms and leafy greens.
All thriving underneath established trees that are producing a crop as well.

We can grow food and cash crops under trees, 
and many of us can do that year round.

Another article about the topic can be found
*here* at
When we realize how easy and profitable it can be
to grow crops underneath established trees,
we can free ourselves from all the headaches involved
with plowing and tilling the living soil underneath.

The Spring 2013 Take Back Your Health Conference!

 Giving talks has always really been a fun thing for me,
and I was really excited to share my story and some 
ideas with a wonderful audience at the 

 My previous events were more shaped around an evening,
talking about food and my personal journey initially,
then with a nice snack break in the middle from a smoothie I would make,
and then follow that up with the ideas about paradise creation for the second half.

But for this conference, I shaved it all into one hour
of Thoreau, Dumpster Diving, Times Square billboards
my former food challenges,
paradise creation with permaculture, 
some wild foraging and springwater ideas,
 and even a little song at the end :)

was the MC of the event, and it was really awesome to be able 
to finally meet him after being so into green smoothies for long.
His mother really did some groundbreaking work 
and he is really doing amazing things and spreading the word 
about these great way to live on this beautiful planet.

I was also extremely happy to visit with George Lamoureux of Jing Herbs!
I really loved his talk and truly felt a peaceful aura around this wonderful person.
When I am in Los Angeles again we will definitely visit.

I want to thank Robin Shirley who is the mastermind of this event.
At 25 years old, it gives me much happiness to see awakened young people
into positive creation and then physically manifesting it
and bringing people together by hosting events like these.

Thank you to all who attended, I hope that my talk gave some
ideas and inspiration! Excited to see some food forests popping up
around the DC area!!! :) Cheers everyone!


Paul Wheaton's Kickstarter - MUST SEE
There is still some time left - this kickstarter is all about spreading
the word on the Rocket Mass Heater, which is basically
a way to heat your home with very very little fuel
and no pollution. To me, this is a free-energy machine.

Grow Paradise donated $150 to the cause,
and we highly suggest that you help out as well! 

Paul Wheaton is spreading permaculture like no other
and we are happy to help him however we can. 

The DVDs will be out in July, very excited!

Thanks Paul, Ernie, and Erica!