Here are some of our favorite videos featuring Grow Paradise and friends:

Big Island Magic: Adventures on the Big Island of Hawaii featuring dolphins, waterfalls, manta rays, and coconuts.

Interview with Daniel Vitalis: An in-depth one hour interview with leading thinker and health strategist Daniel Vitalis.


Permaculture Planting Party Miami: A wonderful afternoon planting trees with the Miami Beach High Ecology Club Along, Whole Foods South Beach, and Pine Island Nursery.

Raw Utah's Food Forest: Pioneer gardener Jake of Pure Joy Town takes us through his paradise forest garden in southern Utah.


The Colombian Cacao Forest: In the area of Nilo, Colombia, eco-agronomist Alfonso Ortiz tells us about the sustainability of organic shade-grown cacao and what it could mean for reforestation efforts.

Interview with Eric Nies: Health activist Eric Nies, he tells us about his GMO activism and the March on Washington for the right to know about GMO labelling.


Talking about Detox and Dumpster Diving: At Ben Falk's permaculture retreat in Vermont, Anthony gives a 2 hour talk where he reflects on his life in NYC in the mid 2000s.


The Anthony Anderson Show: Anthony shares some of his daily rituals on this episode of the AA show.

Interview with Debbie Young: Blogger, mother, and health activist Debbie Young shares her powerful story of halting cancer using a whole foods diet.

Interview with Frank Giglio: Chef, writer, and farmer Frank Giglio of Three Lily Farm shares his insights on food, parenting, and life.